Just Running Around In Circles...

A New Day, A New Doctor

Sorry this is kind of long. I’m excited about the new diet plan and stuff. =)

Okay so I just got back from my new endocrinologist. (New because I seriously disliked my old one, she was never around, I waited forever and half the time i saw a PA instead of the doctor.) ANYWAYS he was wonderful! He’s a weird little Chinese guy but he’s hilarious and so nice. So if you’re in the Houston area and need a good endo, hit me up!

Well I told him about my healthy food/exercise plan and he helped me out with a NEW diet plan! Basically for the next few weeks it’s gonna be intense healthy food time. Non-fat plain yogurt with fruit in it for breakfast (and the occasional snack), clear broth chicken/beef soups at lunch, few to no carbs, few to no starches (that means potatoes are out), and high leafy greens and other green veggies! Sugar free jell-o, fruit, nuts (sometimes), and veggies for snacks. And MORE WORKING OUT! 40-45 minutes of aerobic (cardio) and 15ish minutes of muscle strength a day (with maybe one day off a week for recovery time).

I’m going to do my best to stick with this. It’s going to be hard but totally worth it in the end. I need to get my butt in gear and get healthier. It may be harder for me than some people because of a medical problem that makes me gain weight like crazy, but I just need to remember I am in control of my body and I can make it healthy if I really want to.

Here’s to working out, eating right, and getting in shape!

And if you want a good plain yogurt, this one is the one my endo gave me and it’s GREAT. Add a little fresh fruit (bananas or berries of some kind) and you’re in business! It has almost no fat, very little sugar, and very few carbs. It’s basically the healthiest yogurt ever and it’s like $4 for a 32oz jar. They have it at HEB if you’re in the south or whole food stores if you’re not.